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Welcome to the New Disphotic

After two months in the wilderness, Disphotic returns with a new site, and a clearer focus. From here on the site will predominantly consist of shorter articles, reacting quickly to current events and ideas in the worlds of photography, journalism, art and history. These articles will consist of reviews of exhibitions and books, responses to ongoing debates and articles published elsewhere, and periodic spotlights focusing on ideas, photographers, and practices which seem important or under discussed.

The intention is that further into the future this online format will be complemented by a print version of Disphotic. Each issue will be focused on a central theme and consist of five much longer essays dealing much more broadly with photography and it’s relationship to other disciplines and practices. Alongside these essays, the print version of Disphotic will also feature small sets of carefully curated images from a range of sources, designed to play off against and build on ideas discussed in the essays. Check out the ‘Zine’ page for more information and updates on the print version as it takes shape.

Questions or comments? Contact info@disphotic.com or tweet @lewiskaybush.

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Lewis Bush
Writing on photography