The Memory of History chapters

Accompanying my project about the reawakening of memory and history in the context of the Euro crisis is an essay consisting of twelve chapters on subjects ranging from the origins of nationalism to the nature of chance. Individually dealing with disparate subjects, the idea is that together they combine to pose questions about the nature of memory, history, photography and time. They are designed to be printed as separate unbound chapters, which can be shuffled and read in any sequence, further underlining the idea of chance and synchronicity in our understanding of the past.


This post functions as a contents page, linking to the seven chapters that I have published on the blog:

The Possession of Trauma

The Invasion of Forgetting

The Burden of Memory

The Scrapheap of Progress

The Tyranny of Time

The Nation of the Past

The Victory of Entropy

You can also now buy the book, which combines the text chapters and images from the project. Yay!

Buy the hard cover version through

Buy the soft cover version through

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