School of Punktum Scholarship


Post-mortem photograph of a child, c.19th century

I’m teaching some classes as part of the School of Punktum, an alternative documentary photography school established by Ed Thompson. In the interest of practicing some of what I preach, I will be donating my teaching fee to establish the Lewis Bush pre-emptive memorial scholarship. The serious aim of this tongue in cheek fund is to cover one student’s fees so they can attend the advanced Punktum program which lasts one month taking place on weekends and features a combination of virtual and face to face classes and crits.

I’ve said it before, the only way documentary photography can really hope to live up to it’s creed and reflect the world in all it’s brilliant complexity is if the range of people making documentary works becomes just as diverse and complex. As long as financial barriers remain (whether big or small) that’s always going to be an aspiration rather than a reality. So if you know an aspiring photographer of whatever level who’d like to attend but really can’t afford to pay then have them drop me a line at info [at] explaining the reason they need the scholarship and including some examples of their work. And please share this around. You can also read more about Punktum here. Thanks!

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