Open Call: London


City of Dust, Lewis Bush 2012

I’m currently developing a proposal for an exhibition next year about London and would welcome submissions and suggestions of photographic work to info [at]

I’m particularly interested in projects which look at a narrow slice of the city, or which think about a narrow notion of what London is, rather than works which attempt to totalise, generalise, or in other ways broadly represent the city. Your work might look at a particular group of people in the city, a particular set of spaces, a specific era in the metropolis’s history or a specific idea about what London has been, is now, or is becoming. The type of photography, whether journalistic, documentary, or artistic in nature, is unimportant at this stage.

If you have a body of work which fits this rather broad outline I’d love to see it. Please send 5-10 images and an outline of 250 words maximum to info [at] via Wetransfer, Dropbox, or a similar file sharing service. Equally if you know of a body of work by another photographer that you think I should look at, please drop me a line with suggestions.

This open call closes at midnight on October 18th 2015.

2 thoughts on “Open Call: London

  1. Hi – I am interested in your call and will potentially share with our Twitter audience, but I don’t see a mention of any terms of use for the images submitted. Does the copyright remain with the author? How are you allowed to used the images submitted to your call?

    Elizabeth Manegold

    • Hi Elizabeth, copyright remains with the photographer. Submitted images are just to give me an idea of the projects and, if selected and by agreement with the photographer, they would be used to build a plan for the exhibition to show to funders/exhibition spaces. Any other image usage, e.g for press purposes would be by negotiation with participating photographers.

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